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ConsumerTrack™ is unique in the digital marketing and media industry because we don’t fall under just one category as a marketing company, digital agency, content platform or fintech — we are all of those things. The answer to “What does ConsumerTrack™ do?” varies depending on who is asking the question and which of our diverse marketing solutions they need.

We drive new customers to our advertisers’ products and services, matching our clients’ targets and beating their customer acquisition goals. We also provide full-funnel marketing through custom content and video to promote client brand messages and products, strategically targeting some messages to top-of-the-funnel consumers and other messages to middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel readers closest to converting. Our approach generates stronger awareness, branding and targeted audience engagement across millions of consumers both on our sites and our partner sites.

For our partners, we improve their monetization efforts through native ad units and branded comparison tables. We work with large publishers to grow their audiences and ad revenue by syndicating our original content and video.

Our Team is an incredible collection of talented and passionate people focused on being the best at what we do while learning how to improve and innovate every day. We leverage our strengths in combination with our clients’ and partners’ strengths to produce results and quality beyond industry best practices.

Customer Acquisition and Audience Growth

ConsumerTrack™ excels at growing the audiences for our owned-and-operate websites, including GOBankingRates.com, GOFreeCredit.com and RewardandTravel.com. Millions of consumers visit our websites on a monthly basis.

We use this same ability at scale to grow our clients’ and partners’ audiences, as well as their customer base, through increasing new users, subscribers, members, app downloads and website visitors.

Audience Reach, Engagement and Expansion

ConsumerTrack™ generates over a million new customers for our clients annually. In addition, the original content that we produce sees over 3 billion impressions per year on our own websites, social channels and through our partnerships. Our custom native comparison tables could hit 10 billion impressions per year, and our videos will be viewed almost 500 million times.

Brands can no longer rely on just Google and Facebook to grow their customers and audiences. ConsumerTrack™ has the ability to integrate digital media strategies across paid search, social, email, video, native content placements, contextual integrations and custom sponsorships.

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