Our Technology

ConsumerTrackā„¢ is unique in the digital marketing and media industry - we combine marketing, digital, content and fintech. Our performance based approach increases brand awareness and generates targeted audience engagement on our internal web properties and partner sites.

The Engineering Team at ConsumerTrack encompasses a fast-paced and collaborative environment that is continuously adapting and improving. We are a close knit and nimble engineering team using the leveraging the latest technologies, frameworks, and tools available and building applications on AWS Cloud Services. With these services, the team is able to handle millions of requests, is able to test and deploy through continuous delivery, and report on terabytes of data as a daily routine. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity where you can make an impact on products, processes, and culture, then the ConsumerTrack engineering team is the right fit.

Our Tech Stack

Software & Platform Engineering

  • 100% AWS deployed
  • LNMP stack - Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP/Python/Go/Node.js
  • JAM stack - React, Node, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Linux (Amazon, Docker)
  • Kubernetes
  • Web (Nginx, API Gateway & Lambda, CloudFront)
  • Load Balancing (ELB, Nginx)
  • Automation & CI/CD (Harness, Circleci, Cypress.io, Jenkins)
  • Frameworks (React, Symfony, WordPress)
  • Configuration Management (Terraform, Chef)
  • Monitoring (Dynatrace, Speedcurve, Tideways, ELK, Pingdom, Cloudwatch)
  • Source Control (GitHub)
  • CDN (CloudFront)
  • Database (RDS/MySQL, DynamoDB)

Data Engineering & Science

  • Snowflake Data Warehouse w/Matillion ETL
  • Athena for raw data analysis
  • Airflow for Orchestration
  • Glue for processing
  • Tableau for reports
  • Python libraries like sklearn, gensim, nltk, keras and tensor flow.
  • Production grade Microservices using Docker, Flask, Elasticsearch, AWS Lambda, ECS, SQS, SES, etc.

QA & Automation Engineering

  • Codeception (Selenium)
  • WebDriver (browser) & PhantomJS (headless) to run browser tests
  • BrowserStack for Real Device Cloud Mobile & multi-browser testing