Our Team

Brett Rossmann, Chief Executive Officer

Running a fast-growing and dynamic digital organization has been very rewarding. Working with such a collection of amazing and diverse team members helps me continue to grow and learn every day as a leader. My vision is to continue to build something special at ConsumerTrack, and we are well on our way. Go Trojans.

Brett Rossmann

Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Bartlett, President

I am focused on the relentless pursuit of making ConsumerTrack great for our clients and partners and for our Team, which makes it all happen. The magnitude of opportunity for us is inspiring as well as an incredible motivator to grow and evolve our company to become a leading innovator in the digital marketing and content space.

Jeff Bartlett

Caitlin Barber, Chief Operating Officer

ConsumerTrack has afforded me more opportunity than anywhere else in my career. I am driven by the chance to constantly learn and grow, and this company has created a culture that rewards that drive. It is because of this culture that we have such a diverse and talented team able to accomplish even the most challenging problems.

Caitlin Barber

Chief Operating Officer
Joy Au, Chief Strategy Officer

I love taking creative approaches to intellectual challenges, using data and insights to act on the right opportunities. At CTI, data is foundational to our business strategy. We provide people with insightful information and engaging content to make better decisions daily. We also connect our clients with the most qualified and interested consumers.

Joy Au

Chief Strategy Officer
Beta Karimzadeh, Executive Vice President, Media & Strategy

The collaboration between our clients, partners and our Team is the foundation of ConsumerTrack’s success, and I love being at the center of these relationships, connecting teams to find win-win-win solutions. Through this collaboration, we continuously grow our partnerships while maintaining a leadership position in the industry. I’m constantly inspired by our Team's dedication and passion for what we do.

Beta Karimzadeh

Executive Vice President, Media & Strategy
Kelly Macdonald, Vice President of Digital Media

I'm making data driven decisions daily in order to best match our internal capabilities with client and advertiser driven opportunities in the most efficient and cost effective way. I thrive on relationship building and surpassing growth goals for our strategic partnerships.

Kelly Macdonald

Vice President, Digital Media
Tanya Bustamante, Director of Human Resources

My goal is to build an incredible team of talented, hardworking and passionate people who like to see each other win and grow. The diverse group that makes up ConsumerTrack is our engine and reason for all of our success. My job is to continue to make ConsumerTrack a great company to be a part of for everyone.

Tanya Bustamante

Director of Human Resources