Our Core Values

Our Core Values

When ConsumerTrack launched in 2004, a small team was focused on building a Company that could be profitable and self-sustainable. As the Company grew and the Team grew beyond a close-knit small group, the need for clearly defined core values became evident to keep alignment within the Company and build a Team with shared values and goals.

The management team came across a book called the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz that many had read years ago. The message was strong in each of these agreements and they matched our personal core values as well as the culture of personal accountability that we were attempting to create.

Each of the 4 Agreements improved our Company and improved our ability to communicate and collaborate as a Team.

  1. Don’t Take Things Personally.

    This has made discussing problems and challenges more efficient with the focus on the solution, not the blame. Our Team does not have to feel defensive when a problem or a mistake arises, but instead, learn from our misstep and focus on solving the problem and communicating what happened so that we don’t make the same mistake twice.

  2. Don't Make Assumptions.

    This is a tough habit to break, but once we committed to it, we saw fewer things fall through the cracks and we improved our communication with each other to ensure everyone was on the same page. This leads to one of our Core Values focused around Alignment. Following this agreement also minimizes the normal gossip and rumors that always follow the work environment by not assuming rumors are true and going right to the source to learn the reality of any situation.

  3. Always Do Your Best.

    Although this sounds obvious, this is a reminder to challenge yourself if you really did your best each day in how you treat people, how you performed your job, and what you did to impact and improve our Company. Doing your best also builds trust from the Team around you.

  4. Be Impeccable With Your Word.

    This agreement goes beyond being honest to include not holding back your ideas and questions. Our Culture requires open and honest communication across the entire Team, which drives a more positive culture, a safe environment for feedback and ideas and ensuring each individual shares their opinions and thoughts on the direction of our Company and Culture.

    Our Core Values are centered on these agreements to drive our expectations of honesty and openness, personal accountability in everything that we do with the commitment to constantly learn and improve for our own personal growth and development. We are a Team that has a passion for what we do while ensuring we have alignment within the Company on goals and priorities.

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