The GOBankingRates Team is made up of the best writers, journalists, editors, designers, product creators, and software developers along with great technology, sales, marketing and operations professionals. This group continues to grow and build our leading personal finance website to provide content for consumers looking for help with their money and their financial future. GOBankingRates is also a destination for the top US Banks and Financial Institutions to offer their products and services as solutions to consumers’ money needs.


  • Started to help Americans get smarter about their money.
  • Millions of consumers visit our website.
  • Over a hundred million impressions every month.
  • Generates thousands of new customers per week for our Banking/Financial clients.
  • Almost 100 writers and experts contribute.
  • Partners with over 100 banks, credit unions, lenders and other financial institutions.
  • Collects 10 million interest rates on 5000 banks and credit unions products.

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  • Chase Bank
  • SoFi Bank
  • Ally Bank
  • CNN Money
  • MSN Money
  • Money Magazine

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GOBankingRates has become a leading personal finance site providing millions of consumers with helpful and engaging articles, tools, studies and advice from almost 100 award winning writers, contributors and Money Experts. Its original personal finance content is syndicated across most of the largest financial portals and reaches hundreds of millions of consumers each month.

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ConsumerTrack is a leader in generating new customers online on a performance basis ensuring our Fortune 1000 clients reach their target audiences and meet their cost per acquisition goals. ConsumerTrack uses its proprietary technology platform along with both its owned and operated sites and partner sites to reach hundreds of millions of US consumers monthly.

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