Our online marketing expertise allows us to deliver qualified customers to our clients. ConsumerTrack has developed over 2000 web properties providing consumers with information, tools and free quotes from a variety of offers in the financial, insurance, credit and real estate vertical markets. We focus on matching consumers with the best services for their needs. We deliver their information in real-time to our premier clients who are the leaders in their respective industry. Our customer acquisition efforts have allowed our clients to incrementally boost sales along with lowering their marketing and customer acquisition costs, and in some cases, drastically reducing their marketing and media buying teams as most services can be provided by ConsumerTrack.

Content Marketing

ConsumerTrack has developed technology that coupled with the ConsumerTrack design team, can consistently develop, launch and optimize websites and landing pages that maximize conversions from web traffic to each website. ConsumerTrack owns websites that generate millions of unique visitors per month with a focusing on being a resource for these millions of consumers to provide whatever products and services they may be looking for when searching on the Internet.

ConsumerTrack collects contact data from consumers interested in a service, and provides that prospective customer information to ConsumerTrack clients in order for them to follow-up and fulfill the consumers’ needs.

ConsumerTrack generates thousands of leads per day for financial, insurance, credit and real estate companies looking for new customers.


ConsumerTrack has built over 2000 websites since 2004, focused in driving web traffic and new prospective customers for its clients. These websites generate millions of visitors per month and create thousands of new customers for ConsumerTrack clients every day.

ConsumerTrack has built two separate teams to drive traffic to its web properties, and its IT Development Team and Design Team focusing on converting this traffic into new customers for ConsumerTrack Clients.


ConsumerTrack’s Media Buying team works with thousands of publishers, websites, email marketing companies, large web portals and other internet marketing companies to place advertising on every possible internet marketing channel, including: Search, Email, Display, Contextual, Re-Targeting and Social.

This Team buys all types of media on CPA, CPM and CPC basis, focusing on the highest quality and highest ROI from each media buy.


ConsumerTrack Organic Search traffic focuses on building original content, powerful strategic link relationships and tools for consumers to find and use in order to best solve what they are looking for on the Internet. This Team also supports the growth and development of ConsumerTrack’s 2000 websites to not only be great resources for consumers, but to also consistently rank at or near the top for most relevant keywords related to ConsumerTrack websites and services.

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