was launched by two founders with no venture capital or angel investors in 2004. In the early years, ConsumerTrack quickly learned the importance of cash-flow and access to resources while figuring out how to overcome growing pains and working “without a net”.

This journey helped shape ConsumerTrack into the successful Internet Marketing Company that it is today and allows the company to continue its steep growth path. Along the way, ConsumerTrack has put relationships in place to access capital to invest in and acquire companies that can be integrated into the ConsumerTrack network. ConsumerTrack seeks out passionate entrepreneurs with younger companies that may need capital and additional resources to help facilitate growth and success. ConsumerTrack is very flexible in how to structure investments and open to both minority and majority ownership.

Over the past years, the greatest value has been building relationships with great people and great companies that want to build something amazing, with leaders who are laser focused on accomplishing the goals they set for themselves. ConsumerTrack has a desire to be part of that success, as it continues to create its own success. If your company has needs in any of the following areas below to improve the performance and the ability to accomplish your goals, please contact ConsumerTrack today, by calling Jeff Bartlett at 310.297.9233 x227 or email

ConsumerTrack areas of expertise for investment partners:

  • Capital Funding
  • Recruiting
  • Technology
  • Administrative Infrastructure (accounting, legal, office space, etc)
  • Senior Leadership
  • Access to potential large vendors, partners, sales prospects.