ConsumerTrack is an Online Customer Acquisition Platform utilizing its own established websites and proprietary technology to generate millions of new customers annually for its blue chip, Fortune 500 clients.

ConsumerTrack websites attract millions of unique visitors per month from multiple online channels, including media buying from over 1000 marketing partners, through organic search, from content syndication with the largest finance portals as well as integrated partnerships with the largest consumer sites in finance, real estate, auto buying and financing and personal finance sites.

ConsumerTrack has launched its online customer acquisition services in a variety of industry verticals including: Banking and Finance, clients include the top Banks in the US; Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring supporting the Credit Bureaus; Insurance for most of the top 10 consumer insurance companies and recently launched in the Travel space working with the top Hotel chains.

Since 2004, ConsumerTrack has provided its clients with millions of new customers generating billions of dollars in client revenue.

What we do

ConsumerTrack specializes in acquiring new customers online for insurance groups, finance companies Fortune 500 banks, hotels, credit bureaus and blue chip companies.

Join our team

With an agile, highly skilled team, ConsumerTrack is confident about taking on tough new challenges and expanding its marketing efforts on the internet. While pushing the boundaries of the web’s capabilities, we’re constantly searching for eager, talented individuals.

About us

ConsumerTrack includes expertise in SEO, SEM, Display marketing, Email marketing and Contextual media buying. We consistently use what we learn when working in a number of verticals and apply that knowledge to improve our marketing strategy throughout the industry.


ConsumerTrack promotes an entrepreneurial, friendly culture that applauds innovation and results and embraces change. Our smart, intensely driven employees are constantly encouraged to reach higher and think outside of the box, while enjoying high levels of collaboration and the luxury of coming to work in jeans and flip flops.

Meet The Dream Team

ConsumerTrack has a focused mission to build the premier internet marketing team able to provide the highest quality and performance to its clients. The ConsumerTrack team is driven to create the desired results of its clients while also developing the individuals within our team with additional experience, direction and knowledge.
Brett Rossmann
As Chief Executive Officer, Brett oversees the organization and is responsible for the continued growth of sales, online media relationships, and strategic partnerships for ConsumerTrack’s network of web properties.
Jeff Bartlett
As President, Jeff is focused on new business opportunities and new products, while working closely with the ConsumerTrack Team to develop more leadership and expertise to improve everything the company does on a day-to-day basis.
Caitlin Barber
As the COO, Caitlin works to improve the day to day operations of ConsumerTrack while also managing new product launches and optimizations. Caitlin focuses on company-wide strategy with the ConsumerTrack executive team to improve company culture, increase efficiency, and move the business forward.
Beta Karimzadeh
Executive VP of Media & Strategy
As Executive VP of Media & Strategy, Beta oversees ConsumerTrack’s Media Department and is responsible for managing client media buying and planning needs.She focuses on building new partnerships while ensuring the growth and development of existing partners.
Casey Bond
Editor, GoBankingRates.com
As Content Manager, Casey spearheads the content strategy for ConsumerTrack’s network of more than 1,200 banking and insurance websites.

Recent Blog


  • ConsumerTrack has offered me many opportunities for professional growth. In two years, I’ve had three different roles, with each position allowing me to step up and take on more ownership. The potential for learning is truly unmatched. It’s inspiring to work with people who are so passionate and committed to their jobs.

    Connie Lundegard

  • Taking a job at ConsumerTrack has been the single greatest career choice I have made to date. From your first day, HR pulls out all the stops to help you get acclimated and make it a smooth transition. Unlike so many other companies, ConsumerTrack provides true opportunities for growth and an All-Star management team to help you get there. All of my co-workers are smart, innovative, kind and a joy to be around. I am so grateful for my job at ConsumerTrack, it is a rare gem of an employer.

    Sarah Graves